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Guitar Transcription Service

  • Get your favorite song on a Music sheet

  • Guitar & Bass transcription

  • 100% accurate 

  • Get a song analysis including position diagrams

What's included ?

100% accurate Tabs

You get what you hear !

Music sheet format files

Printable PDF

Guitar Pro



Song analysis

Playing advises

Harmonic  analysis

Scales, Arpeggios,

chords diagrams

​(According to CAGED)

Recommendations for your playing, effects settings, guitar configuration.




1. The complexity of the song

2. The length of the song

​3. The arrangements

Our rate are based on :


We have a strong experience in the transcription of the Marillion repertoire and we provide 100% accurate tablatures with standard notations. You can also benefit our discounts for larger projects or group orders.

You will receive a quote within 1 to 2 business days.

Pricing Guidance  for Guitar & Bass

​We will quote precisely according to your project 

Easy song

Price per minute of music

Sample song

00:00 / 02:51
Hooks in You#1.png

Price per minute of music

Sample song

00:00 / 04:53
Slainte Mhath_With Capo#1.png

Average song

Complex song

Price per minute of music

Sample song

00:00 / 08:08
Seasons End#1.png

How long does it take ?

Each project is different and the lead time will depend on the song contents, its length and complexity.

Small projects

1 to 5min song length

​1~1.5 Week

Average project

6 to 12min song length

​1.5~2 Weeks

Large projects

15 to 20min song length

2~3 Weeks


Large projects

10% off for a 10-15 min song

20% off for a 15 to 20 min song

Fidelity discount

5% off for your second order

Group orders

5% off for 2 songs

10% off for 3 songs

15% off for 4 songs

​20% off for 5 songs

Request a quote

Please let us know about your project. We will provide a quote for each song depending on the length and its complexity.

Quote are sent within 2 business days 



Where can I check the music ?

What instruments:
Which format do you want ?


Request succesfully sent

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