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For Guitar & Bass

For Piano & Synth

Single Transcription

Each transcriptions are available for single purchase.

You can check the transcription output through the audio player generated by Guitar Pro software.


・High quality printable PDF

Full Album Series

The perfect book for those having a crush

on a particular album.



・High quality printable PDF

Cover_Book AHBID_Kindle_edited.jpg
Cover_Book CLUTCHING_Kindle v2_edited.png

Collection Series

The Collection series is a compilation of singles from divers albums.

・GUITAR + BASS transcription

・PDF + GP file​s Pack

​・PDF only version

・High quality printable PDF

・Playable GP file for practicing or band cover

・Optimized multitrack view

Go to the next step and practice Marillion like a Pro !

Install the Guitar Pro software (PC, Mac) and play all the songs at different speeds, isolate any track, practice with others backing tracks, share with your band mate !GP 8 offers incredible features to improve your instrument level.

Books comes with GP files and includes Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synth + others instruments 

Can't find what you're looking for ?

​Request a transcription fully customized for you, NOW !

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