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Step back in time with our exclusive collection book series celebrating the golden era of Marillion, featuring the iconic vocals of Steve Hogarth. Since his first album with MARILLION in 1989 Steve have brought us tremendesous sensations. Immerse yourself in the magic of their best songs, beautifully curated to capture the essence of this new era. A 20 songs review journey awaits, promising to delight all devoted MARILLION fans, from "Seasons End" to "An Hour Before It's Dark" album.



  • 410 pages High quality & Interactive PDF (Hyperlinks includes)
  • Size: 8.5 x 11" (Letter US)
  • Standard Notation / Tablature
  • Bass & Guitar Transcription
  • PDF only
  • Content: Vol 1 + Vol 2 of the Paperback version


*Your Purchase will not contain the Guitar Pro File

The H Years Collection


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