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(1) PDF Book (208 pages)

(2) Audio Track (1-96) from the original CD. Format: mp3 compressed at 196 kb


The PDF file is protected by a password included in the package.



////////// Summary ///////////

  • Japanese Title: CAGED ギター・システムのバイブル

  • English Title: The CAGED Guitar System Bible

  • Sub-Title: 指板図で簡単にわかる!!(Easy to understand with neck diagrams)

  • Pages: 208

  • Language: Japanese

  • CD: 96 tracks Audio CD

  • Publishing Company: DOREMI 

  • First Editon: August 2021 (2nd Edition)

  • Author: David RAMBEAU

  • ISBN: 978-4-285-148381


The digital version is the 1st edition which is the same as the 2nd edition.


///////////////  Content //////////////


・About CAGED

・How to use this book

・Training plan

・Basic knowledge on the guitar (Structure, Neck, Notes)

■STEP 1: Learn the basic Chords and Scales 

  • Must know Chords, Arpeggios and Scales

  • Chords, Arpeggios and Scales

  • More complex

■STEP 2: Mostly used Tension Chords and Scales 

  • About Tension Chords

■STEP 3: Master complex tension chords 

  • Application of Tension Chords

  • Survival Set

■STEP 4: Special Arpeggios and Scales

  • Special Arpeggios (Diagonal Shape) <6, m6, m7(b5), 7, M7>

  • Special Scales <Whole Tone, Chromatic, Diminished, Combination of diminished>


■STEP 5: Modes

  • Theory of Modes

  • Play the Modes on the guitar

  • Modes of the Major Scale 

  • Modes of the Minor Scale 

  • Relation between Chords and Modes 

  • Practice of Modes

■STEP 6: Learn more

  •  Harmonization

  • Open Tunings

       Final Etude Song : TRUTH (T-Square)


  • About the guitar play on this book

  • Chord forms

  • Guitar Terms (Japanese, English, French)

  • Key Words

The CAGED Guitar System Bible (PDF with Audio)


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