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Learn faster with CAGED System

  Chords, Scales, Arpeggios 

  Modes, Open Tunings 

 Harmonization, Chord progression 


A Proven 6 Steps Training program available now as an educational book !

 Lessons in English, French 

 or Japanese 


From Beginners.... Advanced levels

From Kids to Adults


Steve Rothery (Marillion) Style Master Class

 A special course to go deeper in the style of the Master 

 Learn how to play Riffs, Chords and emotional Solos 

 Learn how to build the Steve's guitar Tone on your Pedal Board 

Why you should join

More than 50 peoples have learned the guitar with our method since 2004 !


 A global approach to develop the skills that make you a musician ! 

I like to explain that It is crucial to not only focus on your technique but to develop others skills and knowledge to become a great musician. Learn the classic rocks will give you a strong base and inspire you in many ways, while you need a good technique to play those pieces and take the essence of it for your own purpose.

My guitar lessons propose the best balance between music theory, technique and culture.







Now, let be honest.....CAGED system is only a tool and it won't make yourself a fantastic musician just because you know know how to connect boxes on the neck.

What you need is to "Humanize" the CAGED system by an emotional input.

You can develop this by learning the classics or transcribe and play the music you like on the guitar.

CAGED System will definitively help you in this process, this is why I emphasis on the GLOBAL aspect of your learning process which mix technique, culture and competence (music theory).




A strong and efficient program to acquire the necessary tools you will need to play in every style of music. "PTFG" has been designed to introduce Chords, Arpeggios and Scales in a specific order, so that the student don't have to think about what to learn first and can concentrate on the training.

"PTFG" have been the foundation of the Book "The CAGED Guitar System Bible" which follows very closely this training program. I recommend to purchase it in order to have all positions and diagrams in hand  any time you are working out with your guitar.




 A proven STEP by STEP method to learn the guitar in the most logical way 


The training program contains 6 main steps with an increasing difficulty, where you will learn Chords,

Scales and CAGED system is a great way to understand and memorize all positions on the neck,

it make the learning easier and logical.


Lesson policy

How to join

Please contact David through the Contact form and you will receive a time frame proposal depending on the availabilities. Time allocation for SKYPE lessons shall be decide to fit the best solution for the distant persons and according to the time differences between countries. Skype lessons are available within Japan as well.

Lessons fees:

From 6,000 jpy / 50 min

Please inquire for details rates 

Who can take lessons:

  • Kids aged over 8

  • Adults, Seniors

Payment method:

  • Paypal

  • Credit card


Please purchase Lesson tickets in advance in the SHOP page.

"Play like Steve Rothery" Master Class

Finally a serious class to learn the style of STEVE ROTHERY !

Do you want to learn how to play his major tunes ?

Do you want to re-create his great guitar tone ?

You have search for a long time accurate Guitar TAB of MARILLION songs but you are not 100% satisfied with the existing transcriptions.

This class is just for you !

What do you need to attend:

  • If you take the SKYPE lesson, a good INTERNET connection and a high definition web-camera with good speakers will help.

  • Please assure that the teacher can ear your guitar and your voice in a good manner 

  • Have a rough idea of the songs you want to play

  • Have some basics knowledge of the guitar including chords, arpeggios and scales.

What's contains the MASTER CLASS:

  • The essential Riffs

  • The essential songs

  • The Steve Rothery's typical guitar techniques

  • Specific guidance on techniques

  • The guitar effect chain to sound like Steve Rothery

  • Preferred scales and arpeggios positions

  • The use of Capo

  • Guitar Tabs will be provided when available

  • Sound patches for BOSS GT are provided

You can request a specific song to analyze and work together if you struggle playing certain parts.


  • 4,500 jpy  / 45 min

  • 6,000 jpy  / 60 min

  • 9,000 jpy / 90 min


How to take the lesson:

  • By SKYPE between am 11:00 jst and pm 20:00 jst (+8 hours from GMT)

  • Directly at my Tokyo studio (Chuo-ku)

Payment method:

  • Paypal

  • Credit card


Please purchase Lesson tickets in advance in the SHOP page.

Subscribe to my Channel 

David is currently lead guitar in the Marillion's tribute band "MAREALION" in Japan and has worked on Marillions's guitar tab transcription for a while. He has also launched a YouTube Channel dedicated to the style of Steve Rothery, with tuition videos and Tabs freely share on this web site.

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