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In which format are the E-Book delivered ?

  • High quality and printable pdf format (300 ppp)

  • Size: 8.5 x 11" (Letter US) or A4 (for the collection series)

  • Optimized multitrack notation

  • Guitar & Bass Transcription

  • Standard Notation with Tablature

  • Hyperlink to jump from the table of contents to the songs

  • Hyperlink to jump from any page and come back to the table of contents

Your download will come as compressed *zip file if your purchase the PDF+GP files,

and as a PDF file if your choose the PDF ONLY version.

Single transcription will come as a PDF file only.

Please make sure that your have installed a program to de-compress the files after your download.

Which others formats are available ?

  • KINDLE Version from Amazon*

  • PAPERBACK Version from Amazon* in 8.5 x 11"

*Our E-Books are available at the following Amazon shops: 

​USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, India, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, Poland


How accurate are the transcription ?

We take pride in our commitment to delivering the most accurate and faithful renditions of the artist. The author's hard work and dedication shine through every page, ensuring you get the best transcription available today.


We have done our utmost to faithfully recreate the artist music, aiming for authenticity. However, music is a realm of interpretation, and there may be room for refinement. Use this transcription as a foundation, and allow your creativity to enhance and shape the music to your unique expression. Enjoy the journey.


What is Guitar Pro ?

Guitar Pro is a versatile software designed for musicians, especially guitarists and bassists, to create, edit, and play back musical compositions in tablature form. It provides a user-friendly interface where users can input their musical ideas using a virtual fretboard, standard notation, or chord symbols.

One of Guitar Pro's standout features is its realistic playback engine, which accurately reproduces the sound of various instruments including guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards. This enables users to hear how their compositions will sound when played by a full band.

Moreover, Guitar Pro includes tools for practicing and improving technique, such as a built-in metronome, speed trainer, and looping functionality for focusing on specific sections of a piece. Additionally, it supports various file formats for sharing and collaborating with other musicians.

How to install Guitar Pro

You can download and install this software from the official web site.

​It is available for Mac and Windows.

What Version of GP files does Prog Music Sheet Publishing offers ?

The Guitar Pro file available from our E-Book package are in the format of ".gp" making them compatible with GP7 and GP8.

Please notice that if you have GP8 installed in your computer, you will be able to open the older version files as well.

We are always offering the newest file version in order to propose the best edition and tone building which will be the closest to the artist original creation.

Consequently, we do not provide GP file version older than the version 8 even if requested, so please check your current version before your purchase, or update your GP software.

The GP files contained in your download includes the Guitar & Bass tracks and others supporting tracks like Keyboard, strings and piano, excepted the drum tracks.


How does the purchase works ?

Once you have purchased the E-Book and validated your payment, you will received a link to download the digital book and your invoice will be sent in a separated email.

What are the payment method ?

  • Credit card (Visa, AMEX, Master Card, JCB)

  • Paypal

  • ​Stripe

Do you offer discounts and Black Friday campaign ?

We are offering special discount period during the year in the form of a coupon with a code.

You can enter your discount code when you are proceeding to the payment online.

Please stay tune or register to receive our news letter to be informed on our discount campaign.

How about your refund policy?

If you have encountered a problem to download the file or if you did not received the link by email,

please contact us HERE and explain your issue.

We always try to propose a solution to satisfy our client and deliver our product as expected.

For instance, if the download process have failed several times, we usually re-send the link first.

After a few try if the issue is persistent we will send the file via a big file exchange platform but at the condition that our SHOP platform confirm the issue.

What about the support business hour ?

From 10:00 to 20:00 Japan time, 7/7 days a week.

Contact & Enquiries:

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